Mission Statement

Green Dream Online wants to standardize the manufacturing, deployment and support of zero-pollute technology. From infrastructure to graphic interface the full stack will be green. We believe green technology includes accessibility so everyone can benefit from our institution and that is also why we operate open-source full stack.

We believe everyone should have internet access but one that doesn’t in some way have a harmful effect on the environment. So batteries among other technology must meet green standards as well as energy generation methods. We aim to ensure that all technology we operate with is green and open-source.

Other standards would be for the mechanical aspects of the infrastructure that would consider reducing negative impact on the environment as well as avoid any negative effect with technology that interfaces with humans. Having this whole process open-source allows the community to check and balance the integrity of the organization all the while maintain progress momentum.

Reducing the amount of time it takes to process computations is another one of our goals in our mission. We aim to only use open-source code that uses less space to operate and function properly which may be the most difficult phase in this process of open-sourcing earth and people friendly technology.

We develop technology to a very strict standard that ensures maximum accessibility and efficiency for all devices that display interfaces from the internet including handheld devices. Ultimately we want to reduce the amount of energy it takes to deliver you the same content you can already access as of now and optimize the processing of delivering said content from anywhere to anywhere.

Ergonomics are also another considered objective in our mission to open-source green technology and wish to provide our services to any and all businesses because everyone would benefit from this. We’ll accept funding and donations of all sorts and transparency is priority number one with anything financial or otherwise.

We’ll need all the support we can get so we’ve constructed this website to house the efforts on open-sourcing a greener internet. You can view the network-in-progress on the network page and contact us via email on the contact page. Please share this website with anyone and everyone who might find this interesting.

You could say, “We have a green dream.”