Certification Now Live

Get certified for earth and people friendly technology and boast about your success. All it takes is a certification earned through a requested audit. Our professionals will be at your beck and call to ensure you are meeting the Green Dream’s open-source standard. The audits are performed on request and if you qualify, you gain certification for being green, which if by now you haven’t understood the implied understanding, being green is being clean. This will be done anonymously and you will get the green light signal if you pass our rigorous testing.

Don’t fret as the auditing process is non-intrusive and takes into consideration the observer effect as to sustain your current operating procedures without interrupting the flow of your existing processes. If you happen to fail a step in the auditing you will be flagged in a private manner, or public if preferred to ensure you have the time and resources to upgrade your technology. We are also learning as well so at any time during the audit we will upgrade ourselves.

Audits can be performed either private or public by default with or without scheduled appointments and routines. This is an open-source conversation and we will not disrupt or corrupt whatever green practices you already have in place. We will only tie any loose ends left behind and ensure top notch technology and the ability to keep up the required effort to maintain sustained growth and improvement in accordance to the standard.