Green Dream is now launched!

Let me humbly introduce myself. My name is Dan and all of us here at Green Dream believe that internet technology should be open-source and earth friendly. We started this mission many years ago with the idea of civilizations coexisting peacefully with each other and also with nature.

We all share the same air, the same water, the same land, why shouldn’t we also share the same technology. And why can’t that technology also be healthy for us and the home we all live on. Earth could use a refresh and we’re here in attempt to be the one to inoculate it with peace and prosperity starting now and for the rest of our lives.

We believe in fully accessible open-source green technology and would like to work with everyone who also does. The best technology is technology that is accessible to everyone and not just for anyone who can afford it. This is our key belief going forward with Green Dream, is to open-source the internet and make it earth friendly.