How Does Green Dream Work?

This is the question everyone exposed to Green Dream is asking right now. How does it work? The simple answer is it’s already working, while the complicated answer is what this post will be about. Please follow along as I’ll explain how Green Dream works and how it could work in the future.

Currently the way Green Dream works is modular compartments. There are robots on the internet that have the capability of scraping this website and even more sophisticated algorithms that can pick apart the content on websites. As with these technologies, there interfaces human involvement which are usually background processes that do not disrupt the main operations. The living document exists beyond the physical reach of this website and can be a promise anyone makes for an idea that is parallel to Green Dream.

Anyone can sign the living document as it is the root level promise of devoting one’s technological expression to align itself with the motive of earth and people friendly technology. The website in and of itself is part of the living document while the rest are actions people make in their daily lives. Some of these influences have a non-distinct or discrete source, as the sensitivity of the living document is taken into consideration.

Since this website can be scraped we’d naturally question what compartment has access to this website in its whole form and not divided further into more than one compartment. Anyone with the ability to write a search algorithm can crawl connected web hosts for specific content. These people can discretely influence the development of this website and its influences indirectly without fully exposing the source. The goal is to streamline this feedback loop to be direct and relevant, gently surfacing the origin into public knowledge.

While this website is being developed at a casual yet careful pace, there have been feedback loops drawn that connect secured accounts to the source and growing the living document to align our expressions. We want direct communication to all those who are involved with the development of Green Dream and our mission is to be united in our operation of building earth and people friendly internet technology.

In the future I hope for Green Dream to be accessible to the general public through marketing efforts garnered from networking for support. Currently, the Green Dream website is just sitting there collecting dust and getting updated once every couple months. I want Green Dream to be the place people go to see all the latest developments in friendly internet technology. Friendly internet technology meaning, both earth and people friendly which is the dichotomy of harmonious living.