Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

The Green Dream is a resource for the most amount of job security, more than any corporation or other non-profits. The amount of jobs that the Green Dream could create is, at this moment, not quantifiable. We will need designers, developers, all kinds of engineers of all stretches of Internet manufacturing to assist in this effort to turn the internet green.

We will need designers to redesign every website on the Internet as well as developers to consolidate and reduce redundant code to complete tasks faster using less energy and space to do so. We could even use rocket scientists who will engineer rockets to launch green satellites to connect parts of the world who have no internet to the Internet. We’ll need all kinds of technicians to help make this possible.

Since the green dream is non-profit and open-source in and of itself, all financial transactions will be transparent and in the control of every participant creating the green dream. This involves being part of the Green Dream distribution network which will grow as more people get involved.

The sign up and registration processes are still being developed so for now you can join the Green Dream distribution network by commenting publicly on this post or by sending us a private registration request using our contact form. From there we will reach out to you and ask you how it is your building green internets and will evaluate your participation within the green dream. This is an effort that everyone and anyone can be a part of and will continue to generate more and more job security.

We are carefully growing our presence at a snails pace to ensure that all the wrinkles are ironed out and all the bugs are taken care of. Bugs can end up being features if they are handled properly and effectively. We’re not selling anything but an idea that can be plugged into all efforts of the internet. All technology connected to the internet can be engineered to be green.

What we need to do quantify the amount of job’s we can create as well as the amount of money necessary to be distributed among all working members of this effort. As it stands only a few people know about this website. We will continue to elaborate on this effort as time moves forward but the main premise is clear, cut and dry.