Integrating Deluxe Security™!

We here at Green Dream are proud to present our latest integration. A necessary bare minimum human right requirement. Protection of all personal and private information and assets by default at the click of a button. What this could look like is a folder on your desktop that opens up to the public domain of all information and data that people allow to be accessible to everyone else from an individual level to an individual level, everything else is secured and only accessible by the creator of that data and information.

What exactly are we talking about here? What is this called? Well look no further than what we are introducing as, Deluxe Security™, and it could cost nothing… or everything depending on how much your privacy is worth. Whoever signs our living contract will determine the scale of the background check on those who we allow access to the secure everything button. This is to ensure that nothing harmful gets transferred over the network.

Your Deluxe Security™ Membership Plus account will guarantee the fastest transfer speeds and largest storage space. The entry level Deluxe Security™ Membership Basic account will provide you exactly what you need, when you need it but all your traffic will be screened before going public. These account types and screening processes are defined and determined by all those who have signed and are actively participating in growing this living document.