How Does Green Dream Work?

This is the question everyone exposed to Green Dream is asking right now. How does it work? The simple answer is it’s already working, while the complicated answer is what this post will be about. Please follow along as I’ll explain how Green Dream works and how it could work in the future.

Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

The Green Dream is a resource for the most amount of job security, more than any corporation or other non-profits. The amount of jobs that the Green Dream could create is, at this moment, not quantifiable. We will need designers, developers, all kinds of engineers of all stretches of Internet manufacturing to assist in this effort to turn the internet green.

Green UBI with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin software and hardware are all designed and develop for the sole purpose of sustaining the existence of Bitcoin. In terms of a self-fulfilling prophecy, the Bitcoin legacy is people friendly because of how open-source the entire protocol is and how internet heavy it’s technology already is.