Below you will see a list of universal standards for designing and developing green internets. This list will be a simple take on earth and people friendly internet technology as the more complicated the standards, the more difficult it will be for just anybody to jump in and participate building green internet technology.

  1. Earth friendly technology means least energy and space required to perform a task. This would mean consolidation and reduction of redundancies.
  2. People friendly technology means open-source. This allows everyone to participate in the building of green internets. Open-source with good documentation is important and a high priority.
  3. Must maintain accessibility for entry-level participation. Ergonomics of hardware and software is key here and being open-source, alone, will not suffice. Everyone needs not only to feel comfortable but actually is comfortable.
  4. Streamlined user experience. This means that anyone actively contributing should be public knowledge. Maintaining transparency is a major priority.
  5. Network notifications need to occur as often as people contribute. Everyone involved should be notified of additions and subtractions to the technology and know of future involvements.
  6. Certification means whatever brand or entity is following these standards which will earn them the award of a trophy and badge.
  7. Link to the Green Dream website to boast how your entire internet presence meets quality standards for being green! Friendly internet technology begins and ends with this website.

These standards are not temporary but will be updated as the Green Dream picks up momentum and continues it’s endeavor on making the Internet more people and earth friendly. Essentially the greener the internet gets the more popular this website should be, and vice versa. The more popular this website becomes the more the Internet will be people and earth friendly.