Deforestation means the cutting of trees.For the past several decades, trees are being cut for the production of products used by humans.This is also being done to increase land for agriculture, to establish cities and to provide residence to people.This has been going on for the last several decades, but in the 21st century, trees are being cut twice as fast.This is the effect of increasing population.The problem started when the trees were not planted again after they were cut down.By doing this, the number of trees on the earth has reduced significantly for the last several decades, due to which the global warming has increased.
We should understand the importance of forest.Forest provises oxygen, food, medicine and fuel for more than a billion people.Forest also provides jobs to many people.Almost 13 million people have worked in the forest sector and another 41 million people have worked related to forests.

According to FAO, 80% of the deforestation is due to agriculture.The reason for 40% forest loss is commercial and agriculture in the search for space to grow food, fibers or biofuel (such as oybeans, palm oil, beef, rice, maize).Livestock is believed to be the cause of 14% of deforestation.

The construction of human infrastructures is also caused deforestation.10% of deforestation is due to new infrastructure that serve the current human lifestyle in many ways like transportation, transformation and energy generation.

Most of the people move from rural areas to urban areas.This is also cause of deforestation According to FAO, 5% of deforestation is caused by shifting from rural areas to urban areas.This urban growth  in which 68% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities.

Humans need oxygen to live.They take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide, whereas trees, inhale carbon dioxide and give out oxygen.The amount of oxygen in the environment has decreased due to deforestation.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that causes GLOBAL WARMING.Global warming means an increase in global temperature.Due to the increase in temperature, the environment has become very unbalanced and there has been a lot of damage in the seasons on the earth.All this has happened due to the GREENHOUSE GAS i.e. carbon dioxide, which is increasing at a constant speed in the atmosphere due to the reduction of trees.

Many trees which are present on the earth have held the ground with their roots. Due to the presence of the roots of those trees, the land does not erode.If the tree is reduced, it will affect human life a lot.This will cause a lot of loss of life and property.

Water cycle is affected by the cutting of trees.Due to the lack of trees, the rainfall will also be less, which will make farming impossible.We may have to face many problems due to lack of trees.Due to the cutting of trees, the possibility of drought will increase and human life will be in danger.

Deforestation causes both floods and droughts.This happens because the soil loses its fertility and the water holding capacity of the soil also decreases.The problem of floods will also increase due to the lack of trees.Trees keep the environment balanced and due to less trees, both drought and flood situation can be created.