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Global warming is the continuous increase in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere. In other words, when the amount of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere increases, the temperature of the atmosphere increases. This change in temperature is called global warming. This is directly related to the increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, due to which the greenhouse effect is getting worse. In fact, the average temperature of the planet has increased by 0.8º Celsius (33.4° F 

                                               CAUSES OF GLOBAL WARMINNG:

Use of fossil fuels is obviously the first source of global warming. Fossil fuels are used in almost every industries. Most of the fossil fuels are used in vehicles and for generating electricity .The burning of coal gas and oil releases carbon dioxide which contaminates our atmosphere. Using fossil fuels also harms wildlife and the surrounding environment because its toxicity destroys the plant and leaves that place uninhabited.


Disposing of waste has more impact on the environment. Humans are now creating and spreading more waste than ever before. Many items, wastes cannot be recycled, due to which they end up in landfills. When this waste starts decomposing in the landfills, which releases harmful gas and spreads in our atmosphere due to which global warming increases.


We can buy any product at any time because of continuous innovation in manufacturing and technology. Due to which we are producing more and more products every year. As the demand for products increases, the need to produce them also increases. Due to which there is a lot of pollution, deforestation and climate change.


Transportation is the greatest contributor to global warming, specially road transport. Burning of fossil fuels release a large amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutant which harms the atmosphere. This transport is responsible for green house gases. Its effect can be reduced by the introduction of electric vehicles.


Industries have played an important role in increasing global warming. The rapid growth of population associated with industrialization is also a cause of global warming. Industrialization is harmful in a many of ways. The pollution that comes from industries pollutes our environment. Chemicals and materials used in the industry not only pollute the environment but also pollute the soil and water.

                                      EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMING:

The most immediate effect of global warming is an increase in the average temperature. The average temperature of the planet has increased by 0.8º Celsius (33.4° Fahrenheit) compared to the end of the 19th century


Due to the melting of glacier, there will be many problems for humans and animals living on the earth. Due to the increase of global warming, the glacier will melt and all the water will go into the sea, due to which the water level will increase and we will have to face many problems. Apart from increasing the water level in the sea, it will also endanger many species of animals. Thus, it will also affect the balance of our ecosystem.


Global warming can also affect agriculture. Its effect is not being seen yet, but it may be seen after a few years. As the temperature rises, the plants will have harder surviving and will die. Plants are a major source of food for humans and animals. If there is a shortage of plants then we will have to face many problems.

Climate change is already being seen due to global warming. More global warming will lead to more evaporation which will cause more rains. Due to rain, many plants will die and animals will also move from one place to place, due to which the whole ecosystem will collapse.


Due to global warming, as the weather is changing and the sea level is increasing, our crops are also facing a lot of problems. Sometimes crops get damaged due to flood and sometimes due to drought. If this continues, the price of the food can skyrocket, which can lead to an economic crisis all over the world.

                                           WAYS TO REDUCE GLOBAL WARMING:

We should reduce the need to buy new things. If you need to buy, then buy eco-friendly product as possible. The plastic products that you buy from grocery stores, such as plastic bottles, containers, or any other thing, do not throw it away, reuse it. If possible, use disposable products in some other form, don't through it. You can recycle unwanted things such as paper, bottles, aluminum foils, newspapers. Recycling these unwanted things is the best way to save the earth.   
By reducing waste we can reduce global warming. Global warming is increasing very much due to waste because when the garbage burns, it releases very toxic gas and it spreads in our environment which results in global warming. Reusing old things and recycling them reduces the amount of carbon footprint as it takes less energy to recycle old things. 
Plastic bags are harmful to our environment. It takes thousands of years for plastic to break down and decompose, due to which animals living in water also die. To fight with this problem,plastic bags have been banned in many states and cities of the country.   
Always buy energy efficient appliances as they save energy. With the help of these appliances you can save a good amount of money on your energy bill. You can save energy, save money and reduce your carbon footprint.
We should turn off the electronic device if it is not needed. Electronic appliances runs on fuel. If you properly use electronic you save fuel i.e., coal due to which electricity is generated and we use electronic gadgets.